Kristin Nilsen of New Hampshire, sent us in this awesome Titanic themed birthday party that she threw for her son’s 6th.  We love the originality of this them because it shows us that Kristin is really listening to what her son wants, rather than imposing what she thinks would make a nice picture. Here’s what Kristin had to say:

“It’s morbid, I know. I tried to tell him that the Titanic was not something we should  “celebrate.” But it was my son Liam’s current obsession—and who was I to keep him from sharing his current obsession with his friends on the most egocentric day of his year? As we all know, preschoolers don’t just enjoy their interests…they climb inside them to the exclusion of all else. So I said, yes—especially when I realized how simple it could be. It would be a classic backyard birthday party that was simple in its approach but creative in its execution.

We filled a backyard swimming pool with water, plastic boats and freezer-made icebergs and  then played “Pin the Ship on An Iceberg” with a world map.  If your ship landed on an iceberg, you got a donut decorated like a life preserver!  Add a refrigerator box with cutouts for portholes and hatches and, voila,  2 hours of birthday party fun.

Instead of goody bags,  we gave each child a party favor: either a Titanic coloring book or  a copy of  “Tonight on the Titanic” (a Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne).  I prefer a one small, thoughtful token to a bagful of cheap crap from China.  Something to emphasize the theme and bring the party guests into Liam’s world.

And the cake?  The hardest thing about the cake was building the iceberg made out of sugar cubes.  Cake from a box,  frosting from a can,  and lots of blue food coloring swirled on top to look like waves. I gave Liam the honor of sinking the boat into the cake (pun intended).

The Titanic led to a fascination with the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald—but I draw the line at a Gordon Lightfoot themed party.”

(By the way, we’d love to see your pictures—preferably horizontals—of silly, funny, clever, or otherwise show-stopping birthday cakes you or someone you know has made. And if you’re so inclined, we’d love to see the whole party. Send us an email to Please include your name, how you would like to be credited, the occasion, the recipe, and the inspiration or story behind the cake. Images must be 550×380 pixels wide.)


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Comments (6)


  1. This is FANTASTIC…..definitely something he’ll look back and chuckle about when he gets older!

  2. Posted by: Yoli

    What a thoughtful and caring Mom. It is original, pleased her little boy to no end and educated afterwards with the token gift home. Very impressed.

  3. Posted by: Barbara

    love it! I also had an obsession with Titanic when I was young… which was re-ignited after the release of James Cameron’s version, and still burns strong today. I see the likes of something brewing in my 3 year old and may come back to this for inspiration someday… nicely done.

  4. Posted by: Amy B

    Awesome party! Where did you find the Titanic plastic bit for the cake?

  5. Posted by: melanie chumacero

    Please please please can you tell me where you got the boat on your cake. My son is also in love with Titanic and I have been searching for a toy titanic boat and can’t find one anywhere can you please let me know where you got it. Thanks!!!!!

  6. Posted by: melanie chumacero

    Please please can you tell me where you got the titanic boat on your cake. My son’s 7 th birthday is coming up next month and I have been searching for 2 months for a toy titanic boat and cannot find one anywhere please I am desparate:)

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