I’ve passed out my fair share of trashy plastic-y junky goody bags over the years. This year, I decided I didn’t want to contribute so recklessly to the landfill problem. First stop: Muji for nice cheap notebooks for $1.75 and great pens. Then my friend Lizzy picked up these great little Japanese mini eraser characters, also under $2. My favorite part was the muslin gift bag, which I wish I had stamped with a number 6 or with Willem’s birthday or something, but didn’t do! The Korean gummy candy was the final touch. They come in bags at the market. Nothing like a little exotic candy!!!


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  1. Ohhh, I love this idea! I have always aired towards consumable goodie bag treats (organic cookies from our favorite bakery) but this is a wonderful idea for a change of pace.

    And, customizing the muslin bags would be adorable!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. SO CLEVER! Love every bit of this idea!

    (I adore little Japanese eraser toys and asian candy is so fun and has the best packaging!)

  3. Posted by: Heija

    Oh sure Pilar! I read this on intermission from stuffing ever so slightly plastic goody bags for field day. But I think I win points on price, and not just because I am using child labor. (bad joke, yes). Sistafoo and her second grade classmates will take home some summer fun and good memories; big bright plastic buckets with shovels from the Target One Spot stocked with fruity bubbles, sidewalk chalk and class photos including a super goofy “everybody make a silly face” shot. All told under 3 bucks each….a small price to pay as partial penance for skipping out on playground duty.

  4. Posted by: jill

    if you’re willing to invest in a good quantity, those bags are a steal at uline! (that place is a secret weapon.)

  5. Posted by: Annie

    I’m sorry. I don’t get how this is so awesome it warrants a FB posting. I know that not ONE of the moms I know would EVER let their kids put Korean candy in their mouths. Those Korean candy packs of bags that are just sitting in dollar stores…do u even know what’s in them or what you are giving kids? I would throw that out in a New York minute before I let my kid eat it. I can think of soooooo many better ideas for this goody bag. It’s not at all apealing to kids. The bag is great….from there it goes down hill. Strange Korean candy in packages where you cannot even read the ingredients…is a no, no. All the moms, if they had any sense at all…thew it out just like they would if it came in their kids trick or treat bag on Halloween.

  6. Posted by: Lisa

    I love this idea. I just to work down the street from Muji and was so addicted to the place.

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