My son went to a birthday party the other day and we were both blown away by these amazing “sushi cupcakes.” When I asked the mom about her works of art she said, “This is the only thing I do right,” with a laugh. Though I find that hard to believe (she seems like a really kind and attentive mom), it struck me just how hard we are on ourselves. I was touched by (and could relate all to well to) her vulnerability and varying feelings of adequacy and inadequacy, regardless of where the truth lies.


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  1. Um, amazing. I have pinned this under “Sense of Style” not momfail. WOW. I hope the mom praises herself for this and much more, including how loving she is to create such beauty for her kids (delicious, too I am sure).

  2. Posted by: TCA

    In love with these! So cute. I’m going to give it shot. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Posted by: Shalini

    These are gorgeous, Pilar. I would hire that friend to make some for me, too!

  4. Posted by: Andrea

    You’re going to have to get her to come on here and share how she did these. I’m hoping she’ll say they were easy, but I’m doubting it.

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