singapore pool party momfilter

As expats from Seattle, it was a revelation to learn that swimming is the de rigueur activity for kids’ birthday parties in hot, humid Singapore. Most condos and town homes have a pool and party room or grill area next to the pool, making it easy to host a whole classroom of children (plus siblings). And once the kids are in the pool, there’s little else you need to plan to keep them entertained!

singapore pool party momfilter

A few pool toys make it feel like a party; some parents up the ante by renting inflatable “bouncy” water floats or water walking balls. The water walking balls are especially hilarious. Kids are zipped into the large plastic balls then air is pumped in and the zipper is closed. This type of toy usually comes with several attendants to help kids in and out of the balls and are helpful for any potential freak-outs (in other words, this is not a do-it-yourself toy). My daughter thought this was the absolute most fun she’s had in a pool and lucky for me I didn’t hear the part about the 5 minute supply of oxygen until after we’d left.

singapore pool party momfilter

singapore pool party momfilter


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  1. Posted by: Concerned parent

    There have been deaths related to the balls such as the one you are recommending. I would never put any child at that kind of risk.

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