Last winter we went to Nico’s 2nd birthday party, and loved the rocket theme. It’s an easy DIY decor/activity indoor birthday party for the toddler set. We asked his dad Gregg to give us the scoop:

“You know what’s funny? He wasn’t really that into rockets necessarily. But he liked them and we figured it would be fun, and in the grand scheme of things it was a simple concept that didn’t require a whole lot to make it seem like you’re immersed in this atmosphere. The tipping point was Andrea’s brilliant idea to make a bunch of stars and hang them from the ceiling—easy to implement, so fun, and it transformed our whole place instantly. The rocket ship itself seemed like a winner too as long as it was big enough for 2 or 3 kids to get in at once, a few windows to look out of and a door that opens and closes – voila! you have like an hour’s worth of entertainment. Oh—and budget: a couple of cardboard boxes, construction paper, and some art supplies.”

Photos: Andrea Chu


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  1. Posted by: morgan

    this is genius, and for BOYS of all ages….i’m now seriously considering doing this large-scale for my husband’s 31st.

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