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Amie Jones from Salt Lake City sent us in a couple of birthday cakes she made. We loved her creativity and drive. Here’s what she had to say about them:

“I have an obsession with seeing how far I can push my cake skills for my kids’ birthdays.  Which mostly involves me thinking of an idea and seeing if I can pull it off, since I am not a cake maker by profession and my ideas are kind of out there.

The most recent was for my daughter’s 2nd birthday – a Winnie-the-Pooh tea party.  So I just had to make a tea set for the cake.  No special recipe though, just from a box. I wish I had a picture of the invite I made; which was shaped like a teapot and had a window to show liquid in the middle so it looked like it was emptying when tipped.  On the back were illustrations of the characters in the classic Pooh style.

For my son’s 3rd, he was really into Jack and the Beanstalk, so naturally I stacked up a bunch of cupcakes to make a beanstalk cake.

For my son’s 4th – he loves Winnie-the-Pooh.  He listens to the audio books, so he recites the books with a British accent.  Anyway, I wanted to create Pooh stuck in a honey tree. So I found a recipe for a Yule log and stood it upright, frosted it and put Pooh in the side.  It was a very yummy Yule cake too!

I know I’m always going overboard, but it is so fun!”

And here’s the scoop on how she did them:

“For the beanstalk and tea pot cakes, I just used a box mix and frosting.  The tea pot cake was actually pretty easy, I found a cake mold for a sports ball (basketball, baseball, etc) at Zurcher’s Party Store.  The directions were easy to follow and out popped a round cake, I sliced some off the bottom for a flat bottom.  Then I stuck it in the freezer with the cupcakes I had made earlier. The next day I got them out; putting them in the freezer makes them easier to work with and their not as crumbly.  For the spout of the tea pot I used two rice crispy treat bars (which is what my sister-in-law said was a trick they do on those cake decorating shows) and then I stuck it to the cake with a skewer. For the lid of the tea pot, I just cut off the top of the round cake, then put a bunch of frosting in between to raise it up, and stuck it back in place.  I frosted it with a can of frosting, and to get it really smoothed used a spatula dipped in water.  The handle is licorice and I covered it with fun candy decorations.

For the tea cups, I made cupcakes and just cut off the top and frosted them, the handles were Cowtails candy.  Looking back, it would have been much easier if I would have found cute cupcake papers for the sides of the tea cup, instead of frosting the sides.  The kids at the party really liked eating a ‘tea cup.’

The beanstalk cake was similar.  I froze cupcakes (box mix), then cut the tops off and stacked them together and held it together with a skewer.  I stacked them off center so it would look the a twisting vine.

The Winnie-The-Pooh cake was a Yule log recipe I found online.  It turned out  delicious, but it was rather time consuming.  To make the mousse I had to beat the eggs for 10 minutes! The frosting was part of the recipe, and was kind of like a chocolate coating. Then I put it in the freezer, and the next day stood it up straight and put it on a post. The post was actually from a ring stacking toy from Ikea, but it worked so well!

One important tip is that toothpicks and skewers work well to hold things together, but just remember to take them out before you serve it.

(By the way, we’d love to see your pictures—preferably horizontals—of silly, funny, clever, or otherwise show-stopping birthday cakes you or someone you know has made. And if you’re further inspired, we’d love to see the whole party. Send us an email to Please include your name, how you would like to be credited, the occasion, the recipe, and the inspiration or story behind the cake. Images must be 550×380 pixels wide.)


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