I made these panda cupcakes for my son’s school birthday celebration and they were a huge hit with the children and teachers alike. I found the recipe on bakerella and her pictures were so cute I had to try out the recipe. I liked that they were mini cupcakes too.

Bakerella’s instructions are pretty clear but I’d make a few suggestions based on my experience.

1. Make sure to get enough frosting on the cupcake so the chips have enough frosting to sink in and take hold, especially around the ears.

2. Take time before you start baking to prep the eyes. It’s incredibly time consuming to pick out all the white confetti sprinkles and even more time consuming to gently hold down every sprinkle while you carefully draw on eyes. You can do this days in advance.

3. Use tweezers for the brown jimmies when you decorate the mouths.

4. I used Ghiradelli semi sweet chocolate chips and the shape was different from the dark chocolate ones she used; mine were taller and therefore less panda like when used for the nose. So try to stick with the dark chocolate like she recommends. I had some mini chips so I threw some of those in here and there for noses, just for variety.

Juliana Sohn is a photographer based in New York City.


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  1. Posted by: Susan

    Well done!
    (hopefully delicious too)

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