For our daughter’s 10th birthday, all she wanted was a sleepover. As much as I promised, in the week after the 9th birthday sleepover, that I wouldn’t do it again, of course, I did. This year, we vowed to keep it simple–no planned games, just a little photo session in the backyard (we have an ancient Polaroid camera, and lots of old film) which involved some dress-up, and then a taco bar, and a movie. She picked An American in Paris, which was genius, because it put most of the girls to sleep. The ones left awake were ready to fall asleep as soon as it finished (at 10pm!). One of the highlights for me was that I got to bring home from my job at Martha Stewart Living some party decorations and accessories from the brand new Martha Celebrations line for JC Penney, to check out and use at the party. Total lifesaver. I was literally hanging up decorations and putting out food 20 minutes before the kids arrived, and everyone, especially Clara, was impressed. We got to have decorations that were way beyond the ones we bring out every year, and I didn’t spend most of my time at the sink cleaning up.

Indigo hanging decoration…put up a poof and it instantly makes it feel like a party!

Pineapple in the marbleized paper cups: after school snacks.

And some carb snacks for the non-fruit eaters-plates and napkins from the Indigo line. Last year we didn’t use paper plates–big mistake. I spent most of the time just washing up.

I’m so glad that at 10 years old they still like to play dress-up.

Pavlova–the dessert she requested…it is so delicious, and happens to be gluten-free.

Pancakes the next morning were a huge hit.

The goody boxes!

Cupcakes we brought to school for the party, with very cute Martha Celebrations toppers and liners. Yes, they were homemade/humble looking, but sticking the toppers on gave them a finished feeling.


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  1. Hi there. I have a daughter named Clara too! Love that name. I love that you kept the party super simple allowing you to focus your time and attention on your daughter and her guests. A taco bar sounds so fun and the fact that you used a Polaroid camera with lots of old film was great!!

  2. Posted by: Mamacita

    I love that indigo color way in the party supplies. Please pass that on to whoever designed it–major kudos.

  3. The power of the Polaroid. Here’s to making a celebration simple!

  4. Posted by: ruth rama witt

    loved everything about this! simple & beautiful elements.
    p.s. where can i buy a polaroid these days? “instant photo booth” for parties!

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      we got ours on eBay!

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