We particularly like the looks of this one. I was once at a toddler party where a parent was aghast that beer and wine were served. As a host, I think it’s about the nicest thing you could do for a group of parents who don’t know each other and have to make awkward small talk for two hours to serve a little  something to break the ice. I sort of thought this was becoming the norm. Are we wrong?


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  1. Posted by: Laura

    I think that sounds fabulous! I recently had to attend a toddler birthday party with my son and it was awkward and on the drive over there I was thinking how nice it would be to have a glass of wine or something. I don’t know if parents are concerned that someone may get drunk or that someone may think they are alcoholics for serving it??? I think if tastefully done that would be really nice.

  2. Posted by: delicate fleur

    Totally agree that serving some wine and beer to parents at a kids’ birthday party is a great kindness! And I know that I as hostess need a little something to take my mind off that kid wiping the cream cheese off his fingers using my curtains. However, we live in a city (San Francisco) where many peoples’ homes are small and they choose to throw birthday parties at a museum, zoo, etc. and most of those places don’t allow you to serve alcohol.

  3. Posted by: Ruth

    I have always served “light alcohol” (wine and beer only, no martinis please) at my daughter’s birthday parties – she’s 6.
    It gives parents something nice to look forward to and does a wonderful job getting new friends and fellow parents to relax and have a little enjoyment in those two hours.
    And some of the best children’s parties I’ve attended where friendships are forged are those in a more relaxed and social environment for ALL attendees.

  4. Honestly, a party with no alcohol at ALL would feel like a dry wedding to me (nearly intolerable). I haven’t been to a single one-year-old bday party that DIDN’T have alcohol (at least mimosas!) xox

  5. Posted by: Heija

    In addition to niceties like snacks and bevs, can we agree that nametags are the greatest gift we can give each other?

  6. Posted by: Dee

    I have always served alcohol for the parents at all of my kid’s parties. That’s the least we can do for standing around for hours watching kids have fun :)

  7. Posted by: Stacey

    I have always served some kind of spirit at my kids’ parties if we have the event at home. Unlike some of the parents weighing in, we have also served hard alcohol – like margaritas. Some parents seem surprised that we offer alcohol, but I haven’t come across anyone who is offended at the idea, and nobody has ever gotten out of hand.

    Unlike the picture with this story though, I have always kept the kid drinks and the adult drinks in separate ice tubs.

  8. Posted by: Melissa

    I’ve always offered an adult beverage at my kids birthday parties like sangria or mimosas, especially, since most of my party-goers have consisted of small play-date groups where I know the parents well. It’s light, casual, and fun and who wouldn’t enjoy an adult beverage with a house full of toddlers? No one ever gets out of hand and, frankly, I only stock enough for 1-2 drinks max. My concern is with the school parents as my daughter entered preschool this year and I am not quite sure of the etiquette with this new crowd. .

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