Hannah Alexander from Arkansas throws a great birthday party. In fact, we can’t wait for her kids’ birthdays, because we love to post them. Here’s her latest: “This year, the week of Enid’s bday was one of my busiest weeks. I had planned to have a tea party for her and very few of her little friends, but the day came and I was unprepared, not to mention, broke. So what transpired was a quick and cheap tea party. What I learned was, it doesn’t take much to make a 4 year old’s day special. A little effort can go a long way.”

“Did my best with what I had…”

“Set up a tea cart with our snacks.”

“The other girls soon arrived and got busy beautifying themselves. I borrowed some dress-up clothes and jewelry from my mom and set up a little dress-up nook in the girls’ room.”

“Time for tea! Or raspberry lemonade, as it were. Nobody cared for the tea.”

“Here I was teaching the girls how to talk at tea, saying things such as, “Did you hear about Sally’s brother’s uncle’s sister?! She told June she didn’t like her dress. For shame!” They just looked at me, jaws wide. Then I realized I was teaching them to gossip. Oh well. It was just a pretend.”

“Goody bags- “tea for two”. Two tea bags, four tea cookies. Maybe $7 for all of them.”

Here’s a birthday party Hannah threw called the Un-birthday.

A craft-themed party.

And a game-themed party.



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  1. Posted by: Heather

    So inspiring–it didn’t cost much and the girls are clearly having a great time. Love the makeup on the little girl with the brown hat!

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