If you have been reading Momfilter from Day 1, you’ll know how we feel about the tyranny of goody bags. But rest assured, we are hypocrites when its suits us, and play along in the Goody Bag Conspiracy. And until we all together take a vow to just throw birthday parties, and not spend the time, energy, and money, on a present for the child for coming to the party (wasn’t the party a gift in itself?), we will try to find the best alternatives. One of our favorites we’ve found, and granted, this is for the 5 and under set, is this old-school Crayola tin. It’s flat, so it stacks up, and you don’t have to put it in a bag. Did we mention that they’re $3 on the Crayola site?


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  1. Posted by: holly

    I’m all about a goody bag alternative! I’ve tried every year to do something fun for my daughter’s parties — one year, flower pots with seeds, soil pods, garden tools; one year, handbags the girls decorated at the party. . .

    We gave handpainted (by me!) tea cups & saucers to the guests at my daughter’s Alice in Wonderland party last year. They were such a hit, I started selling them in my etsy shop. They make sweet little personalized party favors.

  2. Love that!

    I’ve never done goody bags — my party favor rule is that it has to be reusable or edible. Thus far we’ve done wooden train whistles, cd of road trip tunes, and Star Wars sugar cookies. And one time we got a little flower seed/pot, which was cute and not something immediately dumped in the trash.

  3. Posted by: Ann

    For my son’s 9th bday My son handed out Bazooka gum box’s from the dollar store and for the kids who were not allowed to have gum I told them there were some little comics wrapped around each piece to read and enjoy. I like the packaging and I let my son chew gum and he loves comics so it was perfect for him to give out.

  4. Posted by: allison

    love this! i always say i’m not doing goodie bags but end up doing some sort of gift. for my daughter’s 1st bday it was a circle theme and i had big bouncy balls in the backyard for all to play with at the party and then the kids got take one home..

  5. Posted by: Wai Gloff

    This post is very usefull thx!

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