Last year NYC based mom Ellen Hwang threw an amazing transit-themed birthday party, that we wrote about here. This year she did a candy-themed party. The invite looked like a stick of gum, wrapped in foil, and even smelled like mint! There were candy themed games like a pixie stick drop, pass the Lifesavers, and a gumball obstacle course. There was also jewelry making, using enamel and resin charms of tiny cake slices, gummy bears, jewel-like gum drops, cupcakes (all purchased on Etsy). And the big hit was the candy button game, where kids had to answer a candy trivia question (like name 5 Lifesavers flavors…) and when they got the answer correct they got to punch a “button” and there was a prize inside. At the end, the kids filled their favor bags with whatever they want from the candy/treat station.

And if you’re wondering how to do any part or all of this, Ellen wrote about how she did the whole party, on her blog. There’s even a step-by-step post for the candy button game. And truly, it doesn’t seem impossibly complicated.

(By the way, we’d love to see your pictures—preferably horizontals—of silly, funny, clever, or otherwise show-stopping birthday cakes you or someone you know has made. And if you’re further inspired, we’d love to see the whole party. Send us an email to Please include your name, how you would like to be credited, the occasion, the recipe, and the inspiration or story behind the cake. Images must be 550×380 pixels wide.)


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  1. Posted by: Andrea

    Love this. Intimidated, but love it anyway!

  2. Posted by: Chelsea

    Is there a DIY for the candy button thing?

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