Our friend Sue who lives in Brooklyn sent us in the birthday party she threw for her daughter Lutece’s 8th birthday. We love it!

“Lutece is obsessed with Narnia so we threw a “Search for the Lost Land of Lutecia” treasure hunt party. I painted an invite that said “If you’ve received this invite you are suspected to be one the 8 lost queens of Lutecia. Please come to Park of Prospects and help us go on a hunt to find your amulets which will unlock the portal to Lutecia.”

“We did a massive treasure hunt with handpainted treasure maps, through the park with markers (looking like the Lutecia coat of arms) on trees, and hid amazing treasures. All the 8 girls dressed up as queens and they had quests to do along the way….like practice archery to fight off any evil spirits. It ended with royal cake and crumpets and Lutecia was restored! (Oh…and my husband was the evil pirate and I was the Unicorn who was like Aslan in Narnia.)”


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