As a follow-up to my post last week, I asked some of our favorite bloggers to tell me what they were obsessed with as new parents. Here’s what they said (and what I proceeded to add almost immediately to my amazon cart):

Joanna Goddard, Cup of Jo
Every parent (and doctor) I knew recommended swaddling a newborn baby (to help them feel cozy and sleep better), but I was terrible at wrapping the blankets tightly enough. We tried cotton, muslin, and Velcro swaddles, but my son still managed to wriggle his way out — and then he’d wake up and cry for me. Finally, a neighborhood mom told me about the Miracle Blanket, and my life was forever changed. My baby was wrapped so gently but firmly that he slept through the night for the first time. We ended up using it everyday — for naps and bedtime — for the next five months.

Liz Borod, travellogged
SkipHop outdoor blanket: I like using it indoors as much as outdoors. In fact, I even have two. Josh can’t quite crawl yet, but he crawls backwards and in circles, and it’s good to have a space to limit him to. I’ll bring to it to people’s houses (like my parents’), and then Josh has his space and it’s clean.

Babyganics stain removerIt’s the world’s best stain-remover! I ordered it randomly one day and fell in love with it. I use it for stuff that isn’t even baby-related.

Tiny Love Mobile: What is amazing about this kind-of-ugly mobile is that it goes for 20 minutes at a time. Most mobiles you have wind up and then they only last one minute. Josh really loved it at first, now he is sort of outgrowing it. But I owe this mobile a lot.

Summer Infant Handheld Color Video Monitor: OK, I was skeptical because it was so expensive but my friends insisted and it really is that good.

Carina Schott, Nonchalant Mom
I would have to say a Baby Bjorn and a booby! Those are my two favorite ‘gadgets’. We were kind of into going without all the gadgets, although I have to say that when I saw them I wanted them. But it was just fine with a Baby Bjorn and breastfeeding!

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Apartment Therapy and Ohdeedoh
This amazing Metoo chair clips on to the butcher block and we throw it into the tub when she’s done. This is the best thing we ever bought!

Lena Corwin, Wee Textile
Evenflo Manual Breast Pump: A very unglamorous item! But one I have found really useful. A friend gave me an expensive mechanical breast pump that I used a lot in the beginning, but I prefer how light and portable this one is.

Cotton Pre-fold Diapers: I love using cloth diapers and I like the simplicity, affordability, and old-fashioned look of prefolds.

Phoenix & Nola Tees: I came across this great shop because it is down the street from my friends’ studio space. I bought a couple T-shirts for Eli there, and I love the fit on him. They are easier to get on and off than other baby T-shirts (they’re stretchy). I dress him in these almost every day!

Photo: Andrea Chu


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  1. Posted by: Katie

    I’m surprised someone said the BabyBjorn and no one said the ErgoBaby. The Ergo could kick BabyBjorn’s ass any day! In fact, BabyBjorn kicked my ass (or should I say it killed my back) until I was rescued by the Ergo. As far as I’m concerned, BabyBjorn (along with the very similarly designed Snugli) is just about the bottom of the barrel when it comes to modern baby carriers. There are sooo many far more comfortable, superior carriers out there. For anyone out there looking to get a new carrier, shop around, but don’t bother with the Bjorn. Not only is it not great for the wearer’s back, it’s also not healthy for baby’s spine.

    On another note, I also loved using cloth diapers. And I agree, cotton prefolds are awesome. And to complete the combo; wool covers! Better diaper system ever.

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