amber necklace

When my daughter was little we got her an amber necklace—partly because it was so cute, but also because I’d heard it helped with teething. My sister-in-law Irene recently bought this one made of unpolished Baltic amber, made by a mom of two in Lithuania who has her own Etsy shop.  I like all the information the seller has on her site about amber…

“The first information about charitable properties of Baltic amber can be found in descriptions of Hippocrates (460-377 BC), worn on the neck, short necklaces bring relief for certain ailments strong throat, neck and head…The extremely high content in Baltic amber of the therapeutic substances, also occurring in many modern plants – succinic acid distinguishes it from other fossil resins. For example, the Dominican amber and amber from Mexico do not include it at all, or well below 3%. In succinite succinic acid is 3 to 8% of the total mass. Much less of succinic acid, but the amount of relevance to human physiology, is found in a variety of food ingredients. Juice of unripe fruit gooseberries, apples and grapes, rhubarb stalks have it most. The grain of barley and sunflower is it about 0.005%, while the dry weight of sugar cane juice, 0.05%.”




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