At Home Finally Found an Awesome Drip Coffee Maker
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My husband and I LOVE drip coffee, and we like to drink at least a couple of cups of it before we leave the house. But we haven’t found a perfect maker. Until now. This one, made by a small company called Moccamaster out of the Netherlands, makes coffee that actually tastes complex, and delicious. Plus we love the way it looks! It has some kind of mechanism that sprays all the coffee grounds like a shower, so that each ground gets water going through it. The only issue that we had with it we were able to correct–the hot plate is so hot, that it quickly makes the coffee taste too cooked. So we got a nice thermos carafe (we picked this Stelton one) to pour it into once it’s done. A little complicated, but worth it.

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  1. Posted by: Christine

    We’re on our third Bonavita in about three years. It makes amazing coffee following the same method. We brew at least two or three pots a day, and after about a year and some change, the heating element goes. It may be partly our super hard water (we used a softener and a reverse osmosis filter for the water going into the coffee pot), but whenever this third one goes, we’re also getting a Technivorm. So far, all of the Bonavitas have been under warranty, but this last one will not be covered anymore.

  2. Posted by: Amanda

    We’ve had the moccamaster for a few years now. Hands Down BEST maker out there. Interesting, we haven’t had any issue with the burner be too hot or maybe I just dig burnt coffee. :) Either way it’s definitely worth the investment and like the orange color!

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