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We’re going to be away for the holidays and I decided not to get a tree–I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing out a perfectly good tree on December 19th, or returning home to a dead fir in the new year. I get the plastic tree appeal, but I just can’t. The other day as the kids and I were walking by a pop-up tree stall, the pine-y, Christmas-y smell was too much and we had to stop. Instead of buying one of the small trees, which are never that small or that cheap, we scored a huge bottom branch that had been cut from one of the larger trees to fit into a stand. We took it home, turned it vertically and stuck it in a pot with water and a few rocks to keep it in place. We decorated it and the branch became our tree. It’s a little crooked and a tad patchy, but totally charming in that Charlie Brown Christmas tree sort of way.


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  1. Posted by: Laure

    There are so many ways to bring a lil spirit into the home. I recall doing this many years ago when I was moving into an apt in sf the week before Christmas. I couldn’t bear not having a tree :)

  2. Posted by: Aimée

    Fantastic idea…looks really cute
    Merry Xmas

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