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The Lodge Griddle recently entered our kitchen and has spent little time off the stove. While it’s certainly great for the weekend feast of pancakes, eggs and bacon, we love it best these days for grilled cheese sandwiches. Though the seasoned cast iron makes the griddle quite heavy, its size allows us to cook up to eight grilled cheeses at once – making for merry faces all around.


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  1. Posted by: Julie

    I have one and love it, but what’s the best way to clean it? I grilled spice-rubbed steaks on it and there’s an impossible-to-remove black crust on it. A follow-up post would be welcome.

  2. Posted by: Sage

    We really love our griddle. It stays permanently on the stove top. It really is the best for making a perfect grilled cheese.

    Hi Julie – I clean really crusty cast iron by putting some water in it and bring the water to a boil. Let it go for a minute and then you should be able to scrub the food off very easily. Rinse with more hot water and then put your pan back on the stove and heat until all the moisture is gone. Then, while your pan is still hot season with some fat. I personally like bacon the best! It is a little tricky with the griddle since it so heavy, I put the water in while the griddle is on the stove and let most of the water boil off. HTH!

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