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I was gifted a loofah and my boys had a great time peeling them apart. I always thought loofahs were sea sponges. but it turns out they are plants. The kids found them too rough on their bodies but I found them to be excellent for washing dishes and scrubbing the sink and tub. The mesh like weave gives it the perfect amount of scour power.

My Korean mom got me hooked on knitted/crotcheted dish scrubbers. I only use these now and have given up on sponges. My mom tried to push these acrylic yarn scrubbers on me for years and I resisted as they were hideous, and only grabbed a couple one day out of politeness. I tried one out desperation when I ran out of sponges, and discovered how wonderful they are. The acrylic somehow manages to attract grease and oil, and I end up using much, much less detergent than I normally would, using a regular sponge. I especially notice the difference when washing plasticware.

I am a knitter so I started knitting my own and used a natural colored acrylic yarn and simple, pretty 4″x4″, moss stitch square. I like my scrubber to be thin so I can get it into corners. I know many people crotchet them and use the texture as a scrubbing aid.

Here are 2 sites with scrubbie patterns:

And for those who don’t knit or crotchet, you can find many people selling them online if you do a search of “crochet dish scrubber”, like this one on etsy.


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  1. Posted by: Mary Beth

    I saw something about this on Pinterest–using acrylic to make essential a “microfiber” cleaning cloth. I do like to knit (I know very little but I can knit and purl) so I may make some of these.

  2. Posted by: Julie

    My mother is Korean too and I had the same EXACT experience with her! She kept insisting that I try her crocheted dish scrubbers and I only took a couple to appease her, but I ended up loving them! Funny!

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