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After a totally unscientific survey, I’ve reached the conclusion that very few of my friends have houseplants and, more specifically, that the once ubiquitous fern seems to have fallen from grace as the houseplant of choice.  Perhaps, having grown up in the 1970s and 80s, we experienced a sort of fern overkill, and, whether consciously or not, have sworn off the feathery plants.  Whatever the reason, I think that it’s time for our generation to take back the fern.  If the typical frond-heavy, often mangy fern of your youth conjures up images of macramé hanging planters and Steely Dan playing on the stereo (and these are bad things), then check out non-traditional ferns like the Staghorn.  Consider it your gateway fern.  Extra incentive—ferns filter the air and top the list of houseplants that remove indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde from your home.

In lieu of decorative antlers, hang mature Staghorns that don’t require soil and can be mounted onto moss and a hardwood board.

Here’s a link from Apartment Therapy that shows you how to mount them, and lots of a lot of pictures of them in different environments, like the one below, which was from a feature in Domino.


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