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Having to write a pile of thank you cards right after having a baby doesn’t seem fair to me. Especially when you’re sleep- and shower-deprived, and have who knows what kind of lactation issues to contend with every hour (just sayin’). And so while I appreciated (and devoured) the delicious chicken and stuffing my friend Erin made for us when we got home from the hospital with Liva, it was the iPhone app she sent my way that became the best gift I could have received.

Erin Newkirk is the genius behind this Red Stamp app, and as a working mom with a million things on her to-do list and an iPhone as her co-pilot, she came up with the smart idea of sending cards from your phone via text or email. You can choose from hundreds of well-designed digital cards, and many of them are photo-driven, so you can make it that much more personal with a shot of your kid waving at grandma or showing off her Halloween costume.

The fun part for me post-partum was that a gift would arrive for Liva and I could snap a photo of her sleeping next to her new lovey or actually wearing the outfit someone sent with a quick message: “Auntie Sari, Don’t I look smashing in the new dress you picked out for me? xo, Livie”  And for the technophobes, I was able to mail paper postcards from the app for $2 a piece, which saved me the time of scrawling out a message, locating the address, and actually getting it to the mailbox.

Once I crawled out of post-partum land, I starting using the Red Stamp app regularly to thank someone for a play date or to show a relative what we were up to on our family vacation. I promise you, I’m not usually one to wax poetic about techie things (even if a friend is involved), but this one gets my big stamp of approval.

P.S.: It’s free!


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  1. Posted by: Dee

    Just downloaded this before the family wakes up and already sent a bunch of cards. This is FAB, thank you!

  2. Posted by: Heather

    Just downloaded this. It’s brilliant!

  3. Posted by: Michelle

    Just downloaded this, love it! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Posted by: Michelle

    This is fantastic, thanks for the tip!

  5. Posted by: TrishO

    I LOVE this app. I have been able to send email and text to sisters and friends and wonderful postcards to my grandmother with posits of the kids. Thanks for the tip. This might be one of the most useful apps ever.

  6. Awww, you guys are the greatest! Meg, thanks for the kind write up. So happy I was able to help bridge the gap from post-partum land to the real world. And, Dee/Heather/Michelle/Trisho…you guys rock! We are always here to help. xx

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  9. Posted by: Mandy

    Oh I just received a link to your blog from one of my girlfriends who knows I love anything to do with making a Mum’s life easier and I love it!!! ( I too came up with an App for new Mum’s, Mum’s Manual to help Mum’s in their 1st year of Motherhood). And Red stamp App is a brillant idea and it’s now on my phone and I’ve just gifted three to a couple of new Mums. I take my hat off to the creator I know how much dedication and passion it takes to turn an idea into reality. So well done!

  10. Posted by: Mimi H

    Hi, this is awesome, I saw it only on iTunes, no android version??

  11. Posted by: Jillian

    this looks so great! what about an android version??

  12. Posted by: ang

    This is awesome, but no iPhone here :( Will there be an Android version soon??

  13. Posted by: marianne

    This is so brilliant…it needs to be on the android market!!!

  14. Posted by: Nicky

    And non-moms never have to thank anyone? 😉

  15. Posted by: dena

    Will you PLEASE make this available for ANDRIOD!!!

  16. Posted by: Meghan Monahan

    I would love to see an android version too. :) PLEASE!

  17. Posted by: Ginny

    Looks great, they need a Windows version!

  18. Posted by: Jennifer

    Would be great…If there was an Android version!!

  19. Posted by: Becky

    Is there a version of this available for the Android or just the iPhone? I searched my app store, but found nothing.

  20. Posted by: Flor

    My kids are quite grown up but I love this app! Makes it easy to send great picture cards to all my family and friends!

  21. Posted by: Jenna

    Thanks for writing about this app! Just downloaded it and shared it on Pinterest.

  22. Posted by: Karen Phoung Phun

    Wish I had an Iphone:(

  23. Posted by: Marcy

    Do they have this for android phones?

  24. Posted by: Laura

    We would love to make an Android version of the Red Stamp app. It’s been trickier for us to develop an app for the Android platform because of the operating system/technology/broad range of devices that Google has introduced. We haven’t quite cracked that code yet + we always want to make sure we give our users the best experience possible. But we ARE working on it. :)

    Please know that you can also use our app on an iPad or an iPod Touch, but you will need email + texting capabilities on those devices to email and text.

    Let us know if you have any questions or need more information and we would be happy to help!


  25. Posted by: Jamie

    I so wish this was available for Droid X phones through Verizon. Do you know if it is available? GREAT app! I hope I can find it soon! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Posted by: rae dillon

    looking forward to the android app!!! i think this is fantastic idea and especially since i moved away from majority of my family… please hurry on the android!!!!

  27. Posted by: Elaine

    And Grandma’s too!!!

  28. Posted by: Anne

    Love love love this. Am going to download this NOW! Thanks so much :)

  29. Posted by: Ashley

    Awesome idea! Any progress making it for androids?

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  31. Posted by: Laura

    This looks really cool! Wish there was an Android version though!!!

  32. Posted by: Tracy

    Love this app! But I switched to Android and now I can’t use it. Hope you are able to put out an Android version soon!

  33. Posted by: Jenny Rector

    This app looks so awesome. I really want to try it but I have android.

  34. Posted by: Philipa Caulfield

    Oh WOW!!!! This is amazing…. but I have an android phone….please please consider making this for Android too – so us mums can share this fabulous app!!!

  35. Posted by: Therta

    Can you make an android app too? Thanks much!

  36. Posted by: Rachel

    I am expecting in June and would LOVE to have this app! I got so excited, but it’s not ready for Android yet…pretty please with a cherry on top??

  37. Posted by: marie

    Wonderful for iphone users but please dot forget us android users as well… waiting patiently but hurry its such a good idea.

  38. Posted by: Jess_Boc

    Please make an Android version! This would be SOOOOO great for daily, special thanks for the small things our village does to help us get by. :-)

  39. Posted by: TM

    FYI- on the ipad: You won’t find it under ipad apps- but will find it under iPhone apps and works great on the ipad! Thank you!

  40. Posted by: Megan

    Or, you know, the other parent could sit down and write the thank you notes. Seems odd to assume the onus is all on the recovering birth mother, this being 2013. That is what we did. I dont particularly care for emailed/digital thank you notes.

    I realize this is just an ad, but sometimes I think women can be their own worst enemies. You cant do everything and be everything as a bride, mother, wife, daughter etc. Get other people involved in the work, especially the other half who is responsible for creating the new baby in your life.

  41. Posted by: Beth Miller

    Great idea even for those of us who aren’t mothers. Not any apple person period. Can’t wait to see an android version.

  42. Posted by: Christi

    I have been a wahm developing an app called Tic Tac You. It’s a tic tac toe game that uses pictures of your kids instead of the standard x and o. I love that my kids play together on it instead of playing on the ipad individually. I can get a lot done while they play!

  43. Posted by: Dawn

    Hi. Do the receivers have to have the app to open it? (I know clevercards you do). I’ve used this app for paper cards and would love to for paperless cards as well!! (I also love the postagram app. You can send picture postcards for 99¢!)

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