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The quiet close toilet seat from Kohler (French Curve Elongated etc) is a must have (really!) for parents with boys who are learning to lift the seat while peeing standing up. It takes a good 8 seconds for the seat to s-l-o-w-l-y close. no clanking. And it is easily removable, making clean-up around the hinge super easy and quick.

Would love ANY suggestions on actually getting the boys to aim into the center of the toilet. My boys seem to be the world’s worst marksmen. We got those starch peanuts but the novelty of sinking them wore off very quickly.


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  1. Our new house came equipped with these auto-close toilet seats and at first I was disgusted – like “what’s wrong with me if I can’t even close a toilet seat?”. But now I LOVE them! it’s just so civilized! It’s a small luxury that makes me feel surprisingly pampered.

  2. Posted by: BrooklynGrand

    You can find these slow close seats at Home Depot or Lowe’s and they are only a fourth of the price. While they aren’t Kohler, they do the same job. They are terrific, good for husband’s too.

  3. Posted by: tess

    It’s amazing how their aim improves when they are assigned to take turns cleaning up the mess!

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