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Yes, we’ve all heard, or said ourselves—”I made a crib out a dresser drawer” or “just give the baby a box to play with, it’s all he wants to play with anyway!”  Sometimes a desperate move turns into a genius solution. Crystal Flynt has a beautiful shop, Bon Boutique, in Tucson, which she owns with her mom. (She also has a gorgeous and inspiring blog.) “I am so fortunate to be able to bring my baby with me to work but of course one day a ton of people began to flood into the store, needing this, needing that–so with Lucien on one hip, I grabbed the first thing I could see–which was this basket–but I swear I would have used a cardboard box if it had been handy!  I dumped out the contents, threw in his blanket, propped him up and handed him some toys, then used my foot to move the new “playpen” behind the register.  It has been there ever since.  Even though Lucien is now much too busy to stay in there for very long, I sometimes find him curled up inside, surrounded by his little toys.”


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