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I have a hard time with the idea of “decorating” a kid’s room. (In fact, I have a hard time with the word in general, despite my appreciation for the craft when done well). In an ideal world you want your kids’ rooms to reflect who they are at the moment to as great a degree as possible, while still hewing (hopefully not in an overly precious way) to the aesthetic of the whole house. Our house has a rather muted palette, and for awhile there I was feeling like we had become “those people” whose kids rooms were a mere extension of the rest of the house. Not fussy per se, but not very much fun either. Recently, in addition to putting up a picture wall of some of their favorite images, as well as shelves to house their lego creations, I put Pendelton blankets on their beds. My boys love the colors. I love the old-fashioned boy scout feeling of them. On an aesthetic note, they also tie a room together in a sufficiently boyish way.


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  1. I have adored this blanket since I saw one similar at — I think it is so classic and fun! The boys’ room looks fantastic!

  2. Posted by: Deb

    Very jolly! And those would be “Hudson’s Bay Point Blankets” for the Canadians in the crowd…

  3. Posted by: Shalini

    Hey there, the blankets look really nice. I’m glad Deb responded, I was surprised to see these labeled as Pendleton blankets.
    Here in Canada, they’ve always been the Hudsons Bay Company or “Bay blanket”.
    Your lucky boys will be nice and warm in them.

  4. In Minnesota, too, they’re Hudson Bay blankets and thank you for reminding me about them. I was just bemoaning the exact state of affairs in my son’s room and need something authentic yet bold enough to pull everything together.

  5. Posted by: amy lawson

    Boy rooms can be challenging… these blankets are perfect!

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