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Reader Michelle Matsui sent us in this clever kid closet organizing suggestion, which is a great idea, especially for families with small spaces. We love the way she uses two sweater organizers to store her son’s clothing, and it only uses the front of closet. That way there’s still room in the back for the out of season clothes that nobody needs really needs frequent access to.

“When he was a baby I put all his onesies at the top, then shirts, then bottoms and then sweaters and pjs. Since everything is stacked its easy to see what’s there and if you are getting low. He’s now 5 and a half and can easily find what he needs and dresses himself without too much fuss in the morning. I put the off season stuff closer to the top. To maximize storage – we moved the one hanging bar closer to the back to hold our winter coats and placed our son’s closer to the front to hold the organizers.”

You can see more from Michelle on her blog, Kempton Jones.


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  1. Two of my boys–this is how we organize their clothes. Always seemed stopgap & now you are making me feel resourceful!

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