At Home Moth Buster

We’re pretty obsessed with finding the best natural moth deterrents out there, after suffering through two moth infestations in the last decade. When we were at a woolen store in Wales, the store owner turned us on to these Colibri sachets, which she swore by. We’ve used the sachets and haven’t had any problems since.  It should be noted too, that we also have taken lots of measures to make a less hospitable environment for moths (airing out sweaters before putting them away, never putting sweaters away for a season unless they are dry cleaned)…

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  1. Posted by: Shalini

    I’m happy and surprised to see this on here! We’ve been using these for years, and buy them on trips to India. We’ve also been to Auroville in Pondicherry, India where they’re made!
    There are other scents too.

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