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Our friend Jen Wink is a graphic designer and one of the most creative people we know. And not just creative in a way that would be impossible for non-artists to copy; she has a way seeing everyday objects in a new light (we’ll show you how she can transform an indoor space with a collection of cheap umbrellas next week). Take her daughter Sona’s snapshots, for example. While most of us delete half the pictures that our kids take, Jen turned her daughter’s photos into art for their walls. The first time I went to her place, I was captivated by these oversized images of feet and imagined that they had to have been done by some fine-art photographer. In fact, they were done by her daughter Sona when she was 5 years old.

“When she was 5 she started taking pictures of feet—a real artistic fixation for a little while,” says Jen.  “We have hundreds of foot portraits. They tell you so much about the person and their character.  At a certain point I just ordered prints in the largest size of some favorites from ofoto and had them framed.”

“I love the front and back view of same legs/feet,” she says. “This pair [top photo] is hanging in the stairwell now and makes a nice reference to our comings and goings. The two of our cherubic baby Indy at six months on the fireplace struck me as just the most gorgeous, delicious portraits. His little toes couldn’t even touch the ground with all the extra flesh. So cool that his sister captured it…”


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  1. Posted by: Tina

    This is so great! We bought my son one of those VTech digital cameras for his 4th birthday. We hook it up to the digital photo frame in the house and let the photos stream. i just love to see what catches his eye!

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