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It’s been a long, cold winter and spring still feels elusive.  My kids and I are dying to plant something outdoors, but the weather has been too unpredictable and generally unpleasant for us to start our stoop garden.  We don’t have a ton of extra space in our apartment for large-scale indoor gardening projects or big potted plants, but we did come up with two easy, inexpensive ways to get our green fix until sunny days are here to stay:

Kitchen Herbs
I found a planter that is small enough to sit on the kitchen counter (or the sill when it warms up) and we decided to try growing herbs.  We planted basil, cilantro and oregano seeds in the soil poking the seeds about 1/4 inch into the soil, watered, and then covered the planter with plastic wrap.  Since planting the seeds, my children have been checking the planter several times a day.  I woke up yesterday morning to shrieks and high fives from the urban farmers.  The seeds had sprouted and we were on our way to fresh herbs!  By the time the herbs reach full size, the weather should be nice enough that we can bring the planter outside if we choose.

Paperwhites (Narcissus)
I’ve always loved the ugly ducking aspect of paperwhites.  You start off with rocks and funny looking bulbs and in no time you have shockingly tall, sweet smelling flowers.  My kids and I planted a few bulbs that we bought at our neighborhood nursery in a tall vase with rocks filling the bottom third of the vase, set the bulbs in the rocks roots down, and filled the vase with water until the water covered the roots but didn’t immerse the bulbs.  Two days later we had green shoots.

The herb sprouts and the tiny paperwhite shoots aren’t much, but a little green goes a long way and suddenly spring doesn’t feel quite so far off.


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  1. Posted by: Kathi Misner

    Glad the green thumb is being passed on to the third generation. Anything growing inside or out is uplifting.

  2. Posted by: Tina

    How You Tickled Your Plant Today?
    I agree about the weather. Here is the coolest plant I’ve seen so far. It’s called the TickleMe Plant and for good reason. Just Tickle the leaves and they instantly close up one by one or all at once! Amazing- It’s now my favorite house plant to show off and it was easy to grow indoor from seeds.I suggest the TIckleMe Plant Greenhouse as it comes with plenty of seeds, soil pellets and even flower pots. My kids loved the fun ideas included in the kit and they treat the plant more like a pet then a plant. It’s so interactive!
    Just search TickleMe Plant or find it here. Cool video.

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