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I was really excited to learn that I had eager seeds waiting to be planted, just hiding the in the dark of my spice cabinet. Coriander seeds can be planted to become cilantro! Am I the last to know?

You brush away a little dirt and squish them in, barely covering them. Try to water every day for a few days, and then every three days or so. Not long after that: a contained sea of little green shoots! And a week after that, taller shoots, each harboring one delicate leaf with that signature cilantro ruffle.

“Look at the little green plants,” I croon to my infant daughter, when we pass by. Soon they may be those strangely yellowed and leggy plants I see in garden shops, but if a window box full saves me from throwing away at least a few half-eaten half-rotten bundles from the grocery store, it will be a certain success.

Rachael is the author of the blog Erstwhile & Dear, and is based in Boston. 


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  1. Posted by: Stefania

    Really? Good to know!

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  3. Posted by: noelle

    How neat! I wonder if it works with other members of the spice cabinet?

  4. Posted by: Julie

    I would love a fresh cilantro plant! Is there a trick to it? bc I’ve bought cilantro plants from the garden store and they never grow into that beautiful, yummy leafy stuff I see and buy at the grocery store, they just shoot up quickly and turn into, like you said leggy, yellow plants, with what look like lots of seeds, and I swear it just happens overnight. I will try your method this summer and see if that works!

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