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I first spotted this graphic wallpaper made in France on a blog I follow, Dos Family, and I knew I had to have it. The one stumbling block was the price tag. So instead of buying it, I used it as inspiration, and figured out a way to do it myself.

After a few failed attempts at using a measuring stick and lever, I cut out a cardboard triangle, which served as my template for the whole project. A friend helped me trace the cardboard cutout from left to right until we covered the entire wall. It’s definitely not a science, and it’s precisely this imperfection that gives the pattern a nice handmade, patchwork feel. Plus, the graphic mix of colors allowed me to include my son’s favorite color, pink, without making the room feel too girly. Bonus: Finally, I was able to put to good use the collection of half-empty cans of paint in my basement. I only bought two new colors and filled in the triangles pretty randomly, deciding as I went along which color combinations I liked and didn’t like (i.e., yellow and red).

The whole thing took about a month–but only because I worked on it in stolen snippets of time. (Note: You do have to be comfortable with the paint-can pile-up with a work-in-progress like this.) As for question of smell and wet paint, it really wasn’t an issue. Cans of paint were never open in the room; I would pour a tiny bit into of paint into an old yogurt cup and use a small paintbrush (the kind you’d find at an art store, not a paint store) and only paint a few triangles at a time. Another advantage to the piecemeal nature of this project is that a day’s work dries very quickly.

In the end, I actually like my painted version better than the  original wallpaper—I love the wobbly lines and hand-drawn feel. And my boys love counting the number triangles in each color before naps and bedtime.

Meghan McEwan is the founder of the brilliant travel site Designtripper.


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Comments (19)


  1. Posted by: Lauren

    I LOVE this and will do it on a smaller scale, perhaps on canvas.

    Thank you for the great idea, it looks perfectly graphic yet quirky!

  2. Posted by: Isabelle McAllister

    Hi – you are so great! What a job! But it became great! Keep up the good work Isabelle

  3. Posted by: kelly

    wow. i am blown away!
    you’ve done a fantastic job there + now i feel totally inspired to have a go (but probably on a smaller scale…maybe a door).
    thank you!!

  4. I’m just blown away by this! I love that you weren’t afraid to do the whole wall and I absolutely adore the combination of bedding on those gorgeous beds! Nothing short of perfect!

    Erin. xx

  5. Posted by: Emilia

    OMG it’s beautiful!!

  6. Posted by: Hydi

    That’s a great piece of art you made. Very oké!

  7. Posted by: MamaD

    I’d love to know where you got those great beds. They’d be great for my twins.

  8. Posted by: Monique

    Oh, I keep finding pics of your fab wall all over the web. You have amazing patience to be able to do that. The end result – FANTASTIC! I may even be persuaded by my 6 year old to do something similar, it looks THAT good. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Posted by: Meghan

    Thanks, everyone! I had a lot of help. If you try it, hand a paint brush to anyone who walks through the front door.

    Mamad: I got the beds on craigslist. It was a lucky score!


  10. Love it! And I totally admire your patience. But perhaps if I could find the patience, it could be quite meditative?

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  12. As a Newbie, I am always exploring online for articles that can be of assistance to me. Thank you

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  14. Posted by: sara f

    amazing project! i love the visual effect and the fact that it was a slow process. what a treasure! : )

  15. what a great job!!!
    I love it!!!

  16. Posted by: Miki

    I’m in love with this wall. I actually like it better than the wallpaper; the colors are way brighter :). I wish I had the patience and skill to do the same! ;D

    Have a great week!


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