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Our friend James from 10 Engines blog turned us on to this gadget that we would actually use…the Cuppow. It’s a BPA-free insert that turns any canning jar into a travel mug. What we didn’t really think about ’til we looked at the Cuppow site is that canning jars are heat-resistant. Add to that the fact that they’re easy to clean, readily available, cheap, and durable, and you’ve got a serious a-ha moment. Nice work.


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  1. I LOVE this. Just ordered 2… one for each kid (or for their parents to borrow here & there ;)).

  2. Posted by: Amy Banks

    That’s AWESOME! I already use canning jars with wax paper under the ring and a re-usable straw poked through for cold drinks on occasion, but this is an amazing upgrade! It would make a great gift to stockpile too! Thank you!

  3. Posted by: rebekah

    i have been using these for drinking since i started canning but bringing the lid along or going without
    they even have the baby ones!!

    i use ball jars in the bathroom for holding toothbrushes, etc as well

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