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heart rocks

We just discovered this great collecting idea on Moomah’s site. Here’s what Moomah’s creative director (and one of our favorite people), Tracey, has to say about this display of heart:

“My friend Victoria has a wonderful tradition with her family. When they go to the beach the whole family goes on a walk looking for stones shaped like hearts. They display the stones throughout their home and each family member keeps one on their person wherever they go. So many times we overcomplicate and overthink time spent with the family. I love the simplicity of this and the tradition that results.

Take this project to the next level by photographing your collection. Take a picture of all your hearts together, 
or photograph each one separately on different surfaces throughout your home. Print, frame and voila! You have a lovely piece of art for your favorite room, or the perfect gift for a special friend!”

collected rocks shaped like hearts from Moomah


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  1. Posted by: ab

    i too, love collecting hearts in nature. not only stones but the odd shaped fruit or veggies or whatever i come across. my friend amhalise -(a super foxy mom and NY casting agent) loves collecting hearts so much she even has a blog:

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