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I am about to change your lives, parents. Meet Chore Monster, the ingenious child-labor motivator. This site/app is AWESOME for someone like myself who is terrible at organizing a thought, much less a chore chart.  It allows parents to log in and create a chore list for each child. With each chore, you associate a number of points your child can earn. Then hop on over to the “rewards” page where you attribute rewards for certain number of points earned. Like 50 points gets you 30 minutes on some gaming system, or a dollar, or whatever you feel is best. I may not have done the best job explaining, but just check it out for yourself. It’s self explanatory.

Kids log in to see what chores need to be done that day and to record what chores they have completed.  Another upside –  the illustrations.  So very cute.

The app/site is free, but if you pay $5 a month you get the ability to spin the wheel at the monster carnival where you can win monsters.  Chore Monster is sneaky.  They gave us one free month and my kids are LOVING spinning and trying to get new monsters.   I can’t pay them for chores and pay to spin a wheel, too, though.  So I hope they enjoy this month.

Why is it a life changer?  My kids beg to do chores!  No kidding.  Last night after dinner I realized that both of my older kids were in the kitchen, washing dishes, and not complaining about it, but, rather, asking to do it.  They ask to fold clothes, to clean the bathroom, to unload the dishwasher!  It’s awesome.  I know the new and fun of Chore Monster will probably wear off at some point, but for now, I am enjoying the ride.

You’re welcome.

Hannah Alexander is an illustrator based in Arkansas who blogs at Sundry Mumsy.


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  1. Posted by: Patricia Falvo Held

    I love it! Can’t wait to put my feet up and admire the bustle of activity around me, sans nagging.

  2. Posted by: Suzanne

    This is amazing! Tried it last night and my kids are obsessed, running around looking for chores to do.

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