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My husband is obsessed with this free wine app called Delectable. Basically, once you have the app on your phone, you can take a photo of any wine label, and it tells you everything about the wine–flavor profile, provenance, reviews, and you can even click to buy. How this is most valuable to us? You’re in the restaurant, you love the wine, you want to remember it, and maybe you want to order a case of it…or you want to know the true cost of the wine. Or, you’re in a wine shop and you don’t feel like engaging the staff to ask for suggestions…so you pull this out. It also stores all of your snaps, so you can remember what wines you’ve bought and liked, as long as you take a picture of the bottle and write your comments while you remember. That’s our biggest problem–we get wine amnesia every time we go into the wine shops…”did we like that wine?” Hopefully this solves that.


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  1. great tip! thank you so much for this.

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